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Center of Seoul, CityHall Station!

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As you saw on my first post, Seoul Cityhall has been under construction, and now see what changed! The cover around cityhall has changed! I love that picture and the materials of the wall weren’t papers and paints. Those were… I can’t explain it! It was awesome, you should be there!

Next to the cityhall station, there’s Deoksugung, one of the Korean palaces. In front of the entrance there was a costume show, people were wearing medieval Korean warriors’ costumes. It was really cool. I didn’t know that there is a performance like that, but a friend of mine said sometimes there’s a performance.

Since the subway station is near the Cityhall, there’s a big square that we can enjoy so many things! There are some concerts on Saturday nights, and other events are held there. This time was “Experiencing the South Pole”. I don’t know why there was the event experiencing the South Pole, but to children, it was “Wow!” It’s a pity that I couldn’t experienced that, because I didn’t have much time to do that.


Korean T-Money Cards and the Bus

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Korea, especially Seoul, has special buses and bus system. Buses are classified as different colors, green, blue and red. Of course those three colors have different meaning. It usually means how much they go around and what streets they go.

Also, Korea has special public transportation system which make you save your money! It’s “Transfer-System”. You can get discount if you take any public transportation in 30 minutes. It’s AMAZING! So when I take a subway and a bus, I usually pay once for using them. However you can’t always get discount unless you have T-Money Cards. T-Money Cards, which can be recharged  are used to pay transportation fee. It has various types and shapes of cards.

Or you can make it yourself! Not only Paying, But Finding Missing people can be done by T-Money Cards. It can use finding system by checking the bus where the money was paid. I heard that in London, there is the Oyster Card. Like that card, T-Money also can be built in mobile phone too. Do you want one?