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Center of Seoul, CityHall Station!

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As you saw on my first post, Seoul Cityhall has been under construction, and now see what changed! The cover around cityhall has changed! I love that picture and the materials of the wall weren’t papers and paints. Those were… I can’t explain it! It was awesome, you should be there!

Next to the cityhall station, there’s Deoksugung, one of the Korean palaces. In front of the entrance there was a costume show, people were wearing medieval Korean warriors’ costumes. It was really cool. I didn’t know that there is a performance like that, but a friend of mine said sometimes there’s a performance.

Since the subway station is near the Cityhall, there’s a big square that we can enjoy so many things! There are some concerts on Saturday nights, and other events are held there. This time was “Experiencing the South Pole”. I don’t know why there was the event experiencing the South Pole, but to children, it was “Wow!” It’s a pity that I couldn’t experienced that, because I didn’t have much time to do that.


[Monthly Special] Everything Starts with SEOUL Station

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Since Seoul is the Capital city of Korea, of course You MUST go to Seoul Station. Seoul Station is located in Jung-gu(gu means “region”). Actually Seoul Station is little bit different from other stations. There are 2 stations in the Station. Did you understand what I mean? There are a subway(metro) station and also train station too!

Almost 900,000 people visit the Seoul Station per day. Not only as a station but also as a mall, you can ride a train and even go shopping! It became a Complex Station in 2003.

The Seoul station was built in 1900 as the name of “KyongSeong” station when Korea was the colony of Japan. There were many changes like Kyongseong → Namdaemun → Kyongseong againg, but finally it has had the name of “Seoul” when Korea got independence from Japan.

It’s the exhibition of the pictures when the station had former form. The former form has been destroyed so they are restoring now 😀 I think the design of building was quite cool, so I’m expecting to see it ^^The design is like English more than Korean.

The place where the Seoul station is located is the center of Seoul. If you want to know about Stations of Korea, YOU MUST; HAVE TO; SHOULD VISIT THERE ^_^!