Center of Seoul, CityHall Station!

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As you saw on my first post, Seoul Cityhall has been under construction, and now see what changed! The cover around cityhall has changed! I love that picture and the materials of the wall weren’t papers and paints. Those were… I can’t explain it! It was awesome, you should be there!

Next to the cityhall station, there’s Deoksugung, one of the Korean palaces. In front of the entrance there was a costume show, people were wearing medieval Korean warriors’ costumes. It was really cool. I didn’t know that there is a performance like that, but a friend of mine said sometimes there’s a performance.

Since the subway station is near the Cityhall, there’s a big square that we can enjoy so many things! There are some concerts on Saturday nights, and other events are held there. This time was “Experiencing the South Pole”. I don’t know why there was the event experiencing the South Pole, but to children, it was “Wow!” It’s a pity that I couldn’t experienced that, because I didn’t have much time to do that.

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