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Happy New Year with New Start

What time is it there? In Korea, it’s 5:34a.m., January 1st 2011. We’ve already celebrated the New Year, 2011. Someone might have watched the award programs in Korea. There were many singers and actors/actresses! Hmm.. 2010 was really harsh. I had to take Sooneung, the University Entrance Exam, but I couldn’t concentrate well. Because I couldn’t stop doing Twitter, Facebook or just Chatting, Omegle thing.. Ew! but I managed to get into a university, and now, the thing I did wasn’t not that meaningless. (I know, I should have focused on the exam! hehe)

and New People…

After I started this blog, I meet new people everyday, not only thanks to this blog, but also James Van Kim’s Vlog too. Well, He has many fans who do love Korea, and James and I are friends on Facebook. That could be one of the reasons that people get to know me. Speaking of James, well, it was really glad to know him. He was a YouTube video uploader, which I really wanted to be, and we’re in the same age! What a Coincidence!

Well, I’ll be on Youtube this year too. I will make it sure. Finally I finised making my logo for this blog and the vlog I will have. I’m changing this Blog’s title into “Popping Seoul” which means literally Popping Seoul and also I will make audio files like a radio program with “Pops in Seoul”! Yay! It would be really funny. I can’t be sure it would be okay to post Korean songs on the website(because, in Korea, they restrict us not to post it for their right to songs), but I’ll do it for a good reason and it’s is foreign), I might be okay 😀

See you soon on YouTube(maybe?!)

Happy New Year to all 🙂



The second-biggest city in South Korea, Busan

Let’s go to Busan(부산)!

As you can see on the title, Busan is the second-biggest city in Korea. It’s an Ocean city with great views. As I heard, when there’s summit conference or something like that, it would be held in Busan.

The Sooneung has been over, so I decided to go to Busan with my friends at the first time. Also, it was the first time for me to travel with just friends. I’ve always been with adults. (By the way, I’m 18 now :D) We decided to go to Busan with an Express Bus. It was quite comfortable, and the picture is a signal for the gate to Busan.

 I usually use my T-money card when I take public transportation system. Like Bus, Subway… but my T-money card was out of money and I also couldn’t charge it because we were in Busan, and they use another card(mybee card), so I got a ticket to get a subway. Since we don’t have any tickets in subway station anymore in Seoul, it was quite a weird experience. Also interesting and missing.

As I wrote it above, Busan is an ocean city, which is really huge. So I think the ocean(sea) part of Busan is the most important and impressive things on my post. I took some photos of ocean. Oh, and on the sand? It is written Busan in Korean. “부산” We just commemorated it.

It’s been a long time to post something like this. Well.. actually I’ve been little bit busy thesedays because of the part-time job. I’ll post about it later and I’ll post more often. 😀

Take care,


Finally I have come (?)

Finally, Sooneung has been over. (Sooneung; The most important exam in Korea to get into universities.)

Actually I got into a university before Sooneung in another way, so I wasn’t as nervous as other students. What am I saying. LOL I just wanted to tell you that Sooneung is over and I got into a university! So I was planning to do blog again since December 1st, which is today. However, I get a part-time job and other stuffs got stucked because it’s just after Sooneung. I’m planning to make a really big change, so you can expect for it, But, till then, I would say I will blog not that frequently. Still, you should think that I’m making a big change to make my blog awesome and to leap over.

So, while waiting, enjoy expecting my blog XD + I’m so glad that I can do blog again.

Love you all,


Yellow(Asian) Dust in Korea. I can’t Breathe

I really really don’t want to post something about the Weather of Korea. (I posted snow things Three times) [tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”] However, I think it’s really common thing and people may need to know about this Phenomenon. It’s called “Yellow Dust” or “Asian Dust”. The Reason it is called Yellow(Asian) Dust is because of the countries where the dust from. In Spring of Korea, from the desert of China and Mongol, there’s Yellow dust phenomenon which makes us can’t breathe freely.

As you can see on the photos, the dust made Korea in yellow.

It’s Snowy In Korea AGAIN!

Okay, This is really weird. I don’t know why there’s any SNOW in MARCH! Ow, It’s March, Spring! It can’t be happened. Even Twice. It’s still snowy outside. I love Snow cuz it’s really beautiful but in spring? come on, It’s not like Winter. I’m worried about Environmental thing now. I hope everything is just fine.

[tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”]

Wang Mandu on Seoul Streets!

[tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”]  I was wandering around Streets of Seoul; Nowon-gu. It’s near my school. After the test, going to the subway station, I found a Mandu store. There were only Wang(means “King” in Korean)-Mandus(왕만두).

It was really big. It deserves to be called “Wang”(King). The Wang-mandu was as big as my hand! Though my hand isn’t that big. hehe 😉 There were two kinds of Wang-Mandu; Gogi-Mandu(made with Meats) and Kimchi-Mandu(made with Kimchi, little bit spicy). I loved two of them.

Wang-Mandus are really big, and there was a foreigner who was going to buy some. I think you will love it too. I found the store in Nowon-gu, but Wang Mandus are prevalent in every Seoul (and Korean) Streets! You should eat them sometimes ^_^

About Korean Mandu

After the Snow Bomb in Korea.

[tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”]

As I posted yesterday, there was a Huge Snow Bomb in Korea. Even it snowed till noon! (I can’t be sure though :D) I was scared because of the unexpected snow bomb. Gosh, Traffic was so jammed that I managed to go to school in time.

But Snow wasn’t bad at all. After the snow, Trees were covered with snow, and the white color made us feel happy. I think the people who visit my blog deserve to see that Snow! 🙂

It’s my School view shots!^^ It was like a cherry blossoms. Rather Snow Blossoms!