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What is “Korean Age”?

When the foreigners talk about their ages in Korea, they always said “I’m OO, and My Korean age is XX”.

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Did you know that there’s difference between Korean Age and general Age? What’s That exactly!? There are General(international) Age System(which is also called “Mann” in Korea as you can see in the video) and Korean Age system.


I’m 17 years old in international age, but 19 years old in Korean age.


[Monthly Special] The Biggest Full Moon Day (In Lunar calendar)

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 Jeongwoldaeboreum(정월대보름) (also called just “Daeboreum”) means the Biggest Full-Moon Day in a year. The day is decided by Lunar Calendar. Jeongwoldaeboreum is 15th of January by Lunar Calendar, and this year (2010), 28th of February is the Jeongwoldaeboreum.

Jeongwoldaeboreum is the First Moon of the year, so we wish our health, luck and love.  Especially we eat so many cooked potherbs with Rice mixed with the five cereals for our health.

Firstly, like I said (even though it’s “wrote”) we eat Rice mixed with the five cereals. There are Beans, Adzuki beans(Red beans), Barley, Sorghum and Millet in Ogokbap(Rice mixed with the five cereals in Korean name). They are all good for Health! You should eat them in Korea at least once hehe.

Secondly, it’s Yakbap! Everyone, even a kid would love it! It’s made of Rice , Nuts and Taffy liquid. It’s really delicious, you can have it as a snack! It tastes sweet, and if you eat them with a cup of tea, it would be perfect! In the Yakbap, there are many nuts, also pine nuts, jujubes and so on! It makes Yakbap more delicious and sweeter.


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Which Comes First, Jaehoon or Jeong?

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My Name is Jaehoon Jeong in English.
However, in Korean, it’s 정재훈(Jeong-Jae-hoon). Firstly, Korean doesn’t make a space between Last name and First name. As you see, Korean uses Last name first. Because of THIS difference, there are some confusing cases. 

Some say “It’s Korean, so we should write in Korean order even though it’s written in English”

and Others say “If we write name in English, we should order it in English way”

Well, as you know, when I write my name in English, I follow the English Way;First-Last name.
Not only in Korea, but in Japan also write in the order;Last-First name

For example,

It can be confusing to Korean or Japanese people when they heard it. That’s why I post the difference between English and Korean, Japanese.

In Korea, you should call the name in the “Last-First name” order! 🙂

[Monthly Special] What do you play in Winter?

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 In Korea, there are so many sports and plays that you can enjoy! Korean Sleigh is really traditional play in Korea. It is still done in some places for reminding themselves of their childhood. Of course the new-type of sleigh is popular, too! 27th of December, it was snowy day, so many children near my place do some Snow-ball fights, make many Snowmen! And some cute children were sliding in the park with wrappers! How Cute! XD

 Also Skating is really popular in Korea thanks to Yuna Kim! Yuna Kim is really famous in whole World! She is a gorgeous, excellent and brilliant figure skating player. Thanks to her achievement, she also do many works in advertisement! Isn’t she really cool? She is a syndrome.

 Back to Korean Sports, Korean also did Paengichigi(Spin the Top). I don’t think there are many people who do Paengichigi now, but it’s really interesting game! Hit the Paengi(Top) and Keep it Spinning! I loved that game. Well, I don’t do many plays in winter, because people usually go skiing or skating in winter. I hope many people do the traditional Korean sports! Because It is Really Funny! You will love it!

Do you know “Jesa”? Korean Ritual for Ancestors!

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Koreans do “Jesa” when New years and Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving day) come or the day of ancestors’  deaths come. This ritual is very traditional event in Korea, and it’s really important. 29th of December, yesterday, was the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. So we did a small-size of Jesa. Actually New Year’s day is coming and it’s too late to have a formal event on weekdays, we couldn’t help to having a small-size of Jesa T^T.

Even though it was the small-size of Jesa, every Jesa has the Rule to arrange foods. Firstly, 紅東白西(Hong-Dong-Baek-Seo) means Red one is on the east-side, White one is on the west-side.

And these foods are set in the first line. From left side, Jujubes, Chestnuts, dried-Persimmons, Apples and Pears. It’s the essential set of First line. Then in other lines, there are some meats or fish, Rice cakes and “Buchimgae”s(a fried food)!

Of course there’s a set order to do the Jesa. As the order, we do the ritual and burn the paper which is above this sentence. And turn off the fire on the small candle (you can see it above this sentence, too!)

If you have any questions, Feel free to comment please! 🙂

Korean Street Food Wonderfulness

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Video Makers : Korean Street Food