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Happy New Year with New Start

What time is it there? In Korea, it’s 5:34a.m., January 1st 2011. We’ve already celebrated the New Year, 2011. Someone might have watched the award programs in Korea. There were many singers and actors/actresses! Hmm.. 2010 was really harsh. I had to take Sooneung, the University Entrance Exam, but I couldn’t concentrate well. Because I couldn’t stop doing Twitter, Facebook or just Chatting, Omegle thing.. Ew! but I managed to get into a university, and now, the thing I did wasn’t not that meaningless. (I know, I should have focused on the exam! hehe)

and New People…

After I started this blog, I meet new people everyday, not only thanks to this blog, but also James Van Kim’s Vlog too. Well, He has many fans who do love Korea, and James and I are friends on Facebook. That could be one of the reasons that people get to know me. Speaking of James, well, it was really glad to know him. He was a YouTube video uploader, which I really wanted to be, and we’re in the same age! What a Coincidence!

Well, I’ll be on Youtube this year too. I will make it sure. Finally I finised making my logo for this blog and the vlog I will have. I’m changing this Blog’s title into “Popping Seoul” which means literally Popping Seoul and also I will make audio files like a radio program with “Pops in Seoul”! Yay! It would be really funny. I can’t be sure it would be okay to post Korean songs on the website(because, in Korea, they restrict us not to post it for their right to songs), but I’ll do it for a good reason and it’s is foreign), I might be okay 😀

See you soon on YouTube(maybe?!)

Happy New Year to all 🙂



Sorry for Hibernation XD

Hello guys, Did you have a great Christmas?

I have to be sorry for not posting. There were some stuffs that I had to ; Final Exams, Christmas, Making Video for You etc

I know that it’s just an excuse, but making Video for you is really true. I’m gonna make a fabulous Korean video with pictures that I took. The photos above it are some of them.

It’s late but Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR XD