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[K-Drama] You’re Beautiful! with A.N.JELL 미남이시네요

You’re Beautiful ! It’s English name of 미남이시네요(Minam-ishineyo). You’re Beautiful (Y.B.) which is also famous in other countries even though it’s Korean drama ended on 26th of November as Ep 16.

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You’re Beautiful is about a korean boy singer group A.N.JELL which is going to join a new member Minam Go (Minam means Hansome in Korea). A.N.JELL is worldwidely famous, especially in Asian countries, group like TVXQ. They are going to join a member “Minam Go”, but he had a problem with surgery so his twin sister Minyeo Go (Minyeo means Beautiful) have to join that group and perform as a member of A.N.JELL for a month.

Even though this drama had been showing at the same time of Iris (Popular Korean drama with famous actors and spectacular scenes), this could be successful because of the story. Every girl has curious part of Singer Group, and sometimes, girls imagine about it. This Drama showed exactly what they imagined.

Also, member of A.N.JELL was great. Geun-Suk Jang (starring Taekyung, main character) is popular in Korea, he is an actor who started to actor since long long time ago, and Hong-ki Lee (with blonde hair) is a main vocal of korean singer group, F.T. ISLAND, and he is an actor who started long time ago, too. Finally, Yong-hwa Jeong is a member of CN BLUE, korean band which performs in Japan mainly.

Also, Y.B. could be loved by foreigners because of subtitled-version of YB on YouTube. There are many videos which have English subtitle on YouTube, so if you want to see this Drama, just search it! Y.B. was so popular that fans of this drama are asking Season 2 of this drama! I hope it too, but this end was good.

Korean Dramas are keeping being improved. Like Iris, new genres are comming too! You should see some K-Dramas XD


MBLAQ, Korean singer group made by RAIN

Rain, who is famous as a movie star, singer in worldwide, made MBLAQ ! Rain was nominated as one of the most influential people by TIME in 2006. MBLAQ is a korean singer group which consists of 5 guys. Thesedays, Korea is filled with new singer groups(especially idole groups). One of them is MBLAQ. Their new song “Oh Yeah” has entertaining beats.

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Their first concept is “Vampires”.

↓The interview that they did on Arirang TV. It has english subtitle, so Enjoy it!