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There’s Fahrenheit(飛輪海) on the Bus!

Can you see that on the photo? There’s Fahrenheit(飛輪海) on the Bus!

[tweetmeme source=”Jaehoonkorea”飛輪海-on-the-bus/]

They’re saying “Visit Taiwan!” Oh, They are honorary ambassadors! Wow, many Koreans are aware of Fahrenheit(飛輪海). Even though they don’t perform in Korea, they are famous in Korea by Dramas, Musics and so on.

Like Fahrenheit, Korea also has so many Honorary Ambassadors, whom you would be aware of! I just wanted to introduce them to you.

Firstly, recently Geun-suk Jang, who is also famous for Taekyung in “You’re Beautiful”, has been nominated as an honorary ambassador. He is the youngest one of honorary ambassadors. He has been an actor since he was really young, like 10years old? He deserves to be.

Next are the singer groups from SM Entertainment!; TVXQ(Dong-Bang-Shin-Gi), Girls’ Generation(SNSD) and Super Junior!

They are the Honorary Ambassadors not because they are in SM Entertainment, but because they are really famous not only in Korea but also in Foreign Countries! Especially, TVXQ, they are even more famous than some of the Japanese singers in Japan.

They made some videos “Infinitely Yours, Seoul”. You can see those videos on my blog (on the upper tab! click the “Infinitely Yours, Seoul”)


Rain(Ji-hoon Jeong) is also an honorary ambassador! He also starred at the CF “Infinitely Yours, Seoul”. You can see him on that tab, too.

Finally, BOA is one of the honorary ambassadors, too. She sung the song about Seoul so many! You can hear it on anywhere!

Of course there are so many other Honorary Ambassadors in Korea. The people I mentioned? were just one of them. And I know you’ll love them. Visit Korea, then you can get what you want.


U-KISS From Boys to Men! Conti Ukiss Man Man Ha Ni

[tweetmeme source=”Jaehoonkorea”

U-Kiss has been one of the most popular boy idol group not only in Korea, but also foreign countries!

U-Kiss consists of 7 boy members; Alexander(알렉산더), Dongho(동호), Eli(일라이), Kibum(기범), Kevin(케빈), Soohyun(수현) and Kisup(기섭). Their debut was 28th August, 2008 with the first single album <New Generation>. However they could be more popular and more famous thanks to recent single album <Conti U-Kiss> with the song “Am I that Easy(만만하니)”. 

Also they are on the show now called “U-Kiss Vampire” broadcast by MBC Every1. “U-Kiss Vampire” has the distinguishing theme, entertaining show with the Blood-type differences.