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Streaming Seoul 2009

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Streaming Seoul 2009 is the UCC contest to inform Seoul to foreigners! I said that I was making a video, and that video has been uploaded! You can watch other videos on this site!

Streaming Seoul 2009

And I know that finding my video is little bit difficult so I wanted to upload it on my blog for you, but I can’t upload’s video. I don’t know why but WordPress might don’t apply it. Sorry. But You can enj0y many videos which are made by Korean and Foreign people. Enjoy Seoul!


[Monthly Special] Bukchon Hanok Village breathing Old but Fresh air


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 Many European countries still have medieval-style buildings like Germany, England and so on. However in Korea there aren’t many Hanoks, which are traditional buildings of Korea. There was a huge war called “the Korean War”. It was the war between North and South Korea supported by Soviet Union and US. Because of that war, Korean architectures were destroyed so much. That leads Korean Society to build the modern buildings like US.


 There is a village which has still traditional buildings of Korea! That’s Bukchon Hanok Village located in Jongno-gu. Bukchon Hanok Village was the place where the Royal family and other noble family were lived. There were not that many Hanoks before Japanese Colony era, but now about 1,408 blocks are filled with Hanoks.

 Not Only Hanoks, but Also ancient potteries and furniture! You can enjoy the exact Korean Traditions in Bukchon Hanok Village! Near Bukchon Hanok Village, there are some places that you can experience Traditional Korea. There are a few Hanok Experience Centers and traditional Korean Lacquer making rooms for experience or just seeing the process. Since there were many royal families who lived in Bukchon Village, it’s close to many Korean palaces like Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung and Unhyeongung! That’s why Bukchon Hanok Village is a must-visit area of Seoul, Korea.

Seoul Tourism: Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

↓ If you click the picture, you can see the exact map!