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It’s Snowy In Korea AGAIN!

Okay, This is really weird. I don’t know why there’s any SNOW in MARCH! Ow, It’s March, Spring! It can’t be happened. Even Twice. It’s still snowy outside. I love Snow cuz it’s really beautiful but in spring? come on, It’s not like Winter. I’m worried about Environmental thing now. I hope everything is just fine.

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Snow In March?! in Korea, now!

Gees, it’s snowy now in Korea! Oh my. It’s Amazing but too cold! Can you believe that it’s snowy in Spring? I know it’s just 9th of March, but as a person who live in Korea, which has district four seasons, it was little bit shocking. “Oh my god. That Much?!”

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Well, but it’s always beautiful when it snows. Though I love snowy day, I worry about Tomorrow’s traffic problems. Today, on my way to go home, the school bus had to be really slow. Of course because of Snow.