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Wang Mandu on Seoul Streets!

[tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”]  I was wandering around Streets of Seoul; Nowon-gu. It’s near my school. After the test, going to the subway station, I found a Mandu store. There were only Wang(means “King” in Korean)-Mandus(왕만두).

It was really big. It deserves to be called “Wang”(King). The Wang-mandu was as big as my hand! Though my hand isn’t that big. hehe 😉 There were two kinds of Wang-Mandu; Gogi-Mandu(made with Meats) and Kimchi-Mandu(made with Kimchi, little bit spicy). I loved two of them.

Wang-Mandus are really big, and there was a foreigner who was going to buy some. I think you will love it too. I found the store in Nowon-gu, but Wang Mandus are prevalent in every Seoul (and Korean) Streets! You should eat them sometimes ^_^

About Korean Mandu


Eunhaeng Sageori, the Mecca of Education

Korea is well-known as a country which has high-educational system . There was a result that South Korea and another country got the first in research of Accomplishment of Education.

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Eunhaeng Sageori, which means “Bank Junction” in English, is one of well-know place for education.  It is located in Nowongu, which is one of nine states of Seoul. There are so many students and academies, and I’m also the one who goes to academy at Eunhaeng Sageori. It is called as Eunhaeng Sageori because there are 3 major banks there.


There are KBstar Bank, Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank. Two of them, Woori and Shinhan, are important in our history. 


Korea was the colony of Japan. In That Time, Korean people established two banks against Japan. Because Japanese people took much money from Korean. (Though No Offense.) So two banks, Woori and Shinhan (of course, they changed their own names) could last over 100years. I know 100years is not that long time to foreigners, but to Korea, which was the colony of Japan, it is long enough.