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It’s Snowy In Korea AGAIN!

Okay, This is really weird. I don’t know why there’s any SNOW in MARCH! Ow, It’s March, Spring! It can’t be happened. Even Twice. It’s still snowy outside. I love Snow cuz it’s really beautiful but in spring? come on, It’s not like Winter. I’m worried about Environmental thing now. I hope everything is just fine.

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After the Snow Bomb in Korea.

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As I posted yesterday, there was a Huge Snow Bomb in Korea. Even it snowed till noon! (I can’t be sure though :D) I was scared because of the unexpected snow bomb. Gosh, Traffic was so jammed that I managed to go to school in time.

But Snow wasn’t bad at all. After the snow, Trees were covered with snow, and the white color made us feel happy. I think the people who visit my blog deserve to see that Snow! πŸ™‚

It’s my School view shots!^^ It was like a cherry blossoms. Rather Snow Blossoms!

Snow In March?! in Korea, now!

Gees, it’s snowy now in Korea! Oh my. It’s Amazing but too cold!Β Can you believe that it’s snowy in Spring? I know it’s just 9th of March, but as a person who live in Korea, which has district four seasons, it was little bit shocking. “Oh my god. That Much?!”

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Well, but it’s always beautiful when it snows. Though I love snowy day, I worry about Tomorrow’s traffic problems. Today, on my way to go home, the school bus had to be really slow. Of course because of Snow.