Starbucks with Korean

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Did you see the video that Starbucks is supporting AIDS ? In that video, about over 50 countries’ people were singing. It means that Starbucks branches are in over 50 countries!  Of course, in Korea, there are so many Starbucks.

Since it’s Starbucks in Korea, they sell some mug cups which is covered with Korean, words “Seoul” and even Hunminjeongeum(Ancient Korean)! It was AMAZING! So I’m just wondering, are there any mug cups with their own countries’ languages? Please let me know with your comments.

And there’s a really special Starbucks in Seoul. Not in other cities, only in Seoul!

It’s a Korean Signboard! It’s only in Insadong, Seoul. Insadong is really famous for traditional korean things. So in Insadong, other stores use Korean sign as an exception.

P.S. Starbucks in Korea decided to raise 300 won for every coffee T^T

  1. wew!i cannot found that in Indonesia… cool…

  2. we don’t even have starbucks in sweden haha… not even in the airports. I love starbucks – But I love Angel In Us coffee even more ^^

    • Oh, I like Angel In Us Coffee too XD

        • s. oakes
        • January 4th, 2011

        i hate angel in coffee stupid name and bad old coffee

      • Oh, you mean the “Angel-in-us”…Well, I don’t go there that much but it wasn’t that bad =) Do you live in Korea?

  3. Dear Sir,
    I live in Taiwan, May I use Taiwan’s STARBUCKS mug to trade for 3 Korea mugs in your picture? please let me know if you agree, to express my sincerity, I can mail first.


    • Hi, thanks for ur comment, and I wanna ask you to check, Do you mean you want to trade Taiwan Starbucks mug to 3 Korea mugs? well, if you can give me 3 XD (or 2). Well, mail me then we can talk about it more seriously 🙂

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