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Run Devil Run by BLACK SNSD(Girls’ Generation)

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Okay, if you have watched the Music video of “Oh!”(by SNSD), you surely have seen this scene. It was a crowd-gatherer. People really wanted to know who they really are and what the scene for. Finally, Black SNSD has come back. with Run Devil Run (guide song by Ke$ha), and now it’s really popular in Korea.

If you are a fan of SNSD, you might have seen the video on YouTube already. I think it was really nice, and there’s quite a difference between version of SNSD and Ke$ha. I love that difference. They have their own characteristics. I don’t know the way you think of it, but you can just try watching the music video below.

+) Ke$ha’s version of this song was just a guide version, which is just for selling and not allowed to be known, but someone uploaded illegally on YouTube, and that made some problems (and misunderstanding). Anyway, Enjoy them!


Girls’ Generation Come Back With Oh! (Second Album)

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Of course you’ve heard “Girls’ Generation(SNSD)”, haven’t you?! Girls’ Generation(SNSD) is the Korean Girl Singer Group which is the Top! Who would oppose to this Fact. Well, it might be subjective. Hehe, anyway Girls’ Generation(SNSD) has come back with its new album(the second), “Oh!”. I’ve heard every songs in the album, and I like Oh! and 좋은 일만 생각하기(Day by Day) the most. Of course I love every song in there 🙂 I think there are soooooo many foreigners who like Korean idol singer groups. So, I thought I should post about SNSD for you guys!^^

It’s the Music Video of Oh!


1. “younger sister” doesn’t mean they are family

2. Korean use “Oppa” when a young girl calls an older boy (they have friendly relationships)

Pictures of 2PM in school days unveiled

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2PM is a korean singer group which belongs to JYP Entertainmet, which also produce Wondergirls! 2PM has being more popular and popular thesedays even though Jae-beom, ex-leader of this group, has been exiled to Seattle, US due to “Condemning Korea” scandal. Jae-beom will be come back according to JYP (Jin-young Park, the producer), so fans of 2PM expect to see him soon.

Anyway, the picture beneath it is 2PM’s photographs when they were in Highschool. Enjoy it!


Pictures of Korea’s top boy band 2PM taken in school days have been unveiled on online websites, drawing explosive attention from their fans and netizens.

Being called a “beast idol group” due to their manly look and passionate performance on the stage, the seven pure boys’ pictures are coming as a fresh surprise to the public.

An internet user said, “They are so cute and not very different than now.”

Consisted of seven members – Jae-beom, Jun-su, Nichkhun, Taec-yeon, Woo-young, Jun-ho, and Chan-sung, 2PM made its debut with the sensational song “10 Out Of 10” in September, 2008.

After the leader member Jae-beom unexpectedly withdrew from the band and left for Seattle, the United States, three months ago, the remaining six band mates have recently released the first original album “1:59PM” on Nov. 13. The boy band has topped at the TV music programs since their comeback.

By Ryu Seung-yoon (


New song of 2PM which is really popular in Korea!

U-KISS From Boys to Men! Conti Ukiss Man Man Ha Ni

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U-Kiss has been one of the most popular boy idol group not only in Korea, but also foreign countries!

U-Kiss consists of 7 boy members; Alexander(알렉산더), Dongho(동호), Eli(일라이), Kibum(기범), Kevin(케빈), Soohyun(수현) and Kisup(기섭). Their debut was 28th August, 2008 with the first single album <New Generation>. However they could be more popular and more famous thanks to recent single album <Conti U-Kiss> with the song “Am I that Easy(만만하니)”. 

Also they are on the show now called “U-Kiss Vampire” broadcast by MBC Every1. “U-Kiss Vampire” has the distinguishing theme, entertaining show with the Blood-type differences.

WonderGirls Have a Special Announcement!

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Wonder Girls is a famous korean group which performs in America recently. Wonder Girls hit the charts with songs which have special hooks called Hook Song.

Click it! WonderGirls

Chocolate love Sung by Girls’ Generation & f(x)

Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. SNSD)


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CYON, one of the biggest cell phone companies, has been released a new model, NEW CHOCOLATE.

There was Chocolate Phone a few years ago, and it has been released NEWLY, as it’s called.

New Chocolate Phone has 21:9 wide screen like real movie theaters and other special functions.

Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) and f(x) is advertising that phone with the Song, Chocolate love in two different versions.

Enjoy IT XD

MBLAQ, Korean singer group made by RAIN

Rain, who is famous as a movie star, singer in worldwide, made MBLAQ ! Rain was nominated as one of the most influential people by TIME in 2006. MBLAQ is a korean singer group which consists of 5 guys. Thesedays, Korea is filled with new singer groups(especially idole groups). One of them is MBLAQ. Their new song “Oh Yeah” has entertaining beats.

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Their first concept is “Vampires”.

↓The interview that they did on Arirang TV. It has english subtitle, so Enjoy it!