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The second-biggest city in South Korea, Busan

Let’s go to Busan(부산)!

As you can see on the title, Busan is the second-biggest city in Korea. It’s an Ocean city with great views. As I heard, when there’s summit conference or something like that, it would be held in Busan.

The Sooneung has been over, so I decided to go to Busan with my friends at the first time. Also, it was the first time for me to travel with just friends. I’ve always been with adults. (By the way, I’m 18 now :D) We decided to go to Busan with an Express Bus. It was quite comfortable, and the picture is a signal for the gate to Busan.

 I usually use my T-money card when I take public transportation system. Like Bus, Subway… but my T-money card was out of money and I also couldn’t charge it because we were in Busan, and they use another card(mybee card), so I got a ticket to get a subway. Since we don’t have any tickets in subway station anymore in Seoul, it was quite a weird experience. Also interesting and missing.

As I wrote it above, Busan is an ocean city, which is really huge. So I think the ocean(sea) part of Busan is the most important and impressive things on my post. I took some photos of ocean. Oh, and on the sand? It is written Busan in Korean. “부산” We just commemorated it.

It’s been a long time to post something like this. Well.. actually I’ve been little bit busy thesedays because of the part-time job. I’ll post about it later and I’ll post more often. 😀

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