[Monthly Special] The Biggest Full Moon Day (In Lunar calendar)

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 Jeongwoldaeboreum(정월대보름) (also called just “Daeboreum”) means the Biggest Full-Moon Day in a year. The day is decided by Lunar Calendar. Jeongwoldaeboreum is 15th of January by Lunar Calendar, and this year (2010), 28th of February is the Jeongwoldaeboreum.

Jeongwoldaeboreum is the First Moon of the year, so we wish our health, luck and love.  Especially we eat so many cooked potherbs with Rice mixed with the five cereals for our health.

Firstly, like I said (even though it’s “wrote”) we eat Rice mixed with the five cereals. There are Beans, Adzuki beans(Red beans), Barley, Sorghum and Millet in Ogokbap(Rice mixed with the five cereals in Korean name). They are all good for Health! You should eat them in Korea at least once hehe.

Secondly, it’s Yakbap! Everyone, even a kid would love it! It’s made of Rice , Nuts and Taffy liquid. It’s really delicious, you can have it as a snack! It tastes sweet, and if you eat them with a cup of tea, it would be perfect! In the Yakbap, there are many nuts, also pine nuts, jujubes and so on! It makes Yakbap more delicious and sweeter.


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Mandu(Korean Dumpling) made me full XD

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Have you ever heard of “Mandu”?

Mandu are dumplings in Korean cuisine. First brought to Korea by the Mongols, they are similar to what are called pelmeni and pierogi in some Slavic cultures. The name is a cognate to the names of similar types of meat-filled dumplings in Central Asia, such as Turkish manti, Kazakh manty, and Uzbek manti. It is also a cognate with the Chinese mantou, although mantou is a steamed bun rather than a dumpling.

In Korean cuisine, mandu generally denotes a type of filled dumplings similar to the Mongolian buuz and Turkish mantı, and some variations are similar to the Chinese jiaozi and the Japanese gyoza. If the dumplings are grilled or fried, they are called gunmandu (군만두). Mandu are usually served with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar.

Bond Girl Yu-Na Kim Never Stops!

 There was Yu-Na Kim on The New York Times. For What?

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South Korean ‘Bond girl’ Yu-Na Kim surpassed her rivals as she led Japanese rival Mao Asada and Canadian Joannie Rochette after the short programme in the Olympic women’s figure skating competition on Tuesday. The reigning world champion was in a league of her own, scoring a world record mark of 78.50 points for her routine to a James Bond medley to open up a 4.74-point lead on Asada going in Thursday’s free skating final. World champion Kim, 19, has dominated the season and is hot favourite to become the first South Korean Olympic figure skating champion.

Yu-Na Kim, born in September 5th, 1990, is the best Figure-Skater ever. She is only 19 years old but won the World Champion surpassing Mao Asada, the former World Champion, as the score of 78.5(World’s New Record).

Not only in Korea, Her perfomances made world people be the fan of her. Especially one of her performance, “Danse Macabre” on 4CC(Four Continents Figure Skating Championships) was selected as one of the best.

As called Bong Girl on the performance of Octorber 2009, the “Bond Girl” completed her mission perfectly again.

Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna

Graduation Tears…

↑ Graduation Tears by Chelsia Chan (Photos are used from the Korean movie:Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do, 2004 말죽거리 잔혹사 / The movie is based in 1970s)

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In Korea (I don’t know about other countries exactly), there are two big events in February and March; Graduations and Entrance Ceremonies. Oh, Don’t misunderstand it! I’m not a senior student, I’m just going to be senior now^_^. My seniors got graduated from Seoul Foreign Language High School(Of course my school). It was really great. Especially highschool graduation, as I think, is really important. Because it means that it’s time to leap to Society. Real Society. I think it’s little bit scary but exciting. Wow, I’m gonna graduate from my school next year. Time ALWAYS Flies… I even remember the entrance ceremony of my elementary school day.

Oh, well My club members prepared some Party for the seniors! Giving them some gifts as a meaning of celebrating, cutting cakes… It was really precious time for me. Because I’ll be there after only 1 Year! Haha 😀

The Center of Broadcasting Network, KBS

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I went to KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) on Thursday(18th) for the interview with Matt Kelley who is the host of KBS World Radio program “Seoul Scene with Matt Kelley“.

I’ve never been to KBS before, so it was an amazing experience to me. KBS(Korean Broadcasting System), as you can see on the name, is the main Broadcasting company in Korea. It is located in Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu. The broadcastings done by KBS are for public services.

That day(18th), there was a radio interview with Matt.  Hyeonjeong Kim, the blogger who posts about Seoul and Korea just like me, and Yunhui Hwang, the woman who manages “Introducing Korea” program and Me was supposed to interview with Matt. For the Interview, I could see the view of Studio and office of foreign language channels. I really wanted to work there. 😀

 As a public enterprise, KBS people(including everyone) work hard for us, I mean Civilians. I think it’s really cool.

Everyday Everytime, KBS works hard for Everyone 🙂

Matt Kelley‘s blog & Video :

Bang-ean Yang, the Real Frontier!

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Bang-ean Yang, born in Japan, is the famous Korean New-age composer.

Many koreans were excited at <Pan-O-Rama>, the album released in 2001 because he used his Korean name firstly. The one of the tracks in <Pan-O-Rama>,Frontier! -voices from the east- , was nominated as a official main theme song of 2002 Asian Games. Not only Koreans, but Foreigners also liked his songs because his music has both sides of Eastern and Western Music.

 He had a concert “Evloution 2009” on September, last year. Also Bang-ean Yang served his songs for informing Korea like the songs for Gwanghwamun Square Opening, for free.

 If you once listen to his music, you can see what the differences between eastern and western music, and you’ll love it.

Yang Bang-ean Official Site <-Here

BangEan Yang – Asian Beauty
Asian Beauty by Bang-ean Yang
Download “Frontier! -voices from the east”
Click here

Original Composed by Yang Bang Eun Performed by Mun Hyunsil Fusion Band With jazz and classical background

Lunar New Year’s Day & Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year!

What? No, it’s “Happy Valentine Day!”

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Well.. Actually, it’s New year’s day in Korea. How could be? Because we used to use lunar calendar, but now, all the people in the world use solar calendar. It means that we had our own New Year’s Day.  Accidentally, this lunar New Year’s Day is also the Valentine’s Day! What a Coincidence! Anyway, so I think many people might not be able to give chocolate to someone. Also I don’t think there are many people who care about this Valentine’s Day, because on New Year’s Day, every family gathers!

 Of course it’s one of the ethnically important events, people give presents each other, and wish their health being good.

←These photos represent deparment’s situation, consumers buy New Year’s Day presents. As every year, the most popular gifts are healthy food like ginseng juice, black garlics and so on.

Not only healthy food, as a gift, but also daily necessities like soaps, shampoos and tooth pastes are popular, too.

Especially in Korea, there’s a district gift, which is a gift set composed of Ham, Cooking Oil, Canned Tuna or something else. That might be quite strange to foreigners. Hehe, but it’s really popular!

NEW YEAR’S DAY is really important to Teenagers! Because We can Get Money!

Of course you don’t understand what I mean. On New Year’s Day, young people bow to elder people for wishing their health, love and luck. Then we’ll be heard some good sayings from eler people as reponds of bow. Finally We get the money as a respond. It’s called “Saebaetdon(세뱃돈)”, New Year’s cash gifts given to younger ones after receiving bows from them. Don’t you think we should bow to someone on New Year’s Day?! Haha just kidding.

Have a Nice Lunar New Year’s Day & Valentine’s Day♥