The Day Of United Nations

Each year, the 24th of October is called “United Nations Day”

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United Nations, as known as UN, is an organization which is founded for preventing wars and keeping peace. It is organized in San Francisco, USA.

So, there was an event for celebrating UN Day in EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY.

We could meet the vice secretary-general of UN, participate in Quiz Show, visit booths of other countries which are in UN. Also we could listen to Hymn to the United Nations.

Actually photos on the Gallery (above this passage) are not taken in EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY. They’re the pictures in front of Sejong Center.

There were about a hundred of photos in front of Sejong Center. It was mainly about Korean War. UN helped us get the power to turn North Korea away, and they dispatched troops, gave South Koreans a lot of aid.

That’s why the UN Day is especially special to South Korea.

I felt little sad because there was a sentence, and that means “Korea is still a cease-fire country. We have to protect our country with lucid country mind and security mind” Everyone knows that Korea is a truce country. However, Koreans are not that afraid of War, they feel safe. Yes, that could sound weird, but I think that the Reunification of North and South Korea will come soon. And I Hope It Will.


Time To Change

I took some pictures last week, because I saw some changes on trees.


 In Korea, four seasons are clearly distinct. It’s also one of characteristics of Korea.


I could feel something changing; weather, color of leaves, sky etc.

I just wanted to post that autumn is coming and Leaves are changing their colors.


Autumn is my favorite season.

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Hangeul Day

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Hi there!
This video is made by Hyunwoo Sun, who can speak more than 5 languages fluently, and his goal is to speak 10 languages fluently by the year 2012. As an influential blogger and video blogger in Korea, he is also helping Korean people learn foreign languages more efficiently.

The 9th of October is celebrated as Hangeul Day. Hanguel is indigenous alphabet for the Korean people.

Hyunwoo Sun’s Blog
To learn Korean

That’s What Seoul Is!

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I went to Seoul City Hall today! XD

It was first time to be there, also to attend Meeting of Seoul Breeze Reporters (SBR).

Can you see the fountain and flowers? OH MY Aren’t they pretty.

I thought “Yes, That’s What Seoul Is!” when I saw the city hall. The Seoul Main City Hall is renewing now, so it was covered beautifully with Hangeul. I can’t wait to see it! Actually before opening, we can see inside through the entrance, but Monday, which is today, is not allowed to see inside. Don’t forget it if you want to visit Seoul City Hall.

Next to the City Hall, there is Deoksugung, which is one of five royal palace remained in Seoul.

(If you want to know more about Deoksugung, then click it!)

The rolls are to show what Seoul Design Olympiad2009 is.

(If you want to know more about Seoul Design Olympiad, then click it!)

hehe, the Seoul Story of Jaehoon is about to start now!