Run Devil Run by BLACK SNSD(Girls’ Generation)

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Okay, if you have watched the Music video of “Oh!”(by SNSD), you surely have seen this scene. It was a crowd-gatherer. People really wanted to know who they really are and what the scene for. Finally, Black SNSD has come back. with Run Devil Run (guide song by Ke$ha), and now it’s really popular in Korea.

If you are a fan of SNSD, you might have seen the video on YouTube already. I think it was really nice, and there’s quite a difference between version of SNSD and Ke$ha. I love that difference. They have their own characteristics. I don’t know the way you think of it, but you can just try watching the music video below.

+) Ke$ha’s version of this song was just a guide version, which is just for selling and not allowed to be known, but someone uploaded illegally on YouTube, and that made some problems (and misunderstanding). Anyway, Enjoy them!

  1. I am so glad you did a post on this song! xD I was going to ask you what you thought of it! I like Soshi’s version better than Ke$ha’s. I don’t really like Ke$ha’s music that much even though she is very popular. But, I do like SNSD’s version! It’s addicting! I need to download it onto my iTouch!

    • Well, I like Ke$ha’s (other) songs, and as I mentioned on the post, I like both version of it. It’s really good, both.

      • Well the reason why I don’t like Ke$sha’s music is well, because of what Dee wrote about. For me, her lyrics don’t really make much sense in English. Sometimes, she just rhymes random words together.

        But I do like Lady GaGa xD Hahah her music is addictive!

        In any case, I will love SNSD forever!

      • I love LadyGaga too hehe

      • I think she’s creative, and her songs are addicting to listen to! Also, her music videos are interesting to watch.

  2. don’t want to be rude, but the songs are identical!
    which leads to the question: who are the copy-cats?
    from the looks of it..SNSD are copy-cats

    • Oh, I have to explain it. Actually the song of Ke$ha was guide version, which was not released offiicially, and SM Entertainment(which is the company of SNSD) mentioned of it(Ke$ha had uploaded it on YouTube though it wasn’t offiicial one). That’s why the songs are identical. There are no Copy-cats 😀 Anyway thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. To be honest even if it’s Kesha,even if it’s SNSD it still don’t like the song.And the MV is boring >.< Why did they had to copy the song when they could have something original and more addictive?SM is going low

    • Well, you might have got the point. but I like the song, and other singers do Samplings, so I think it in same way. (not exact but similar way)

      • Are you talking about G-Dragon?I don’t understand what’s wrong with the Korean producers.I mean they composed awesome song that were popular worldwide,why now they buy the songs from others and sing them?Korean songs are now only for advertising.The song may be addictive but that point is: it doesn’t come from the artist you love and admire.So it has no feelings.

      • Wow. You really got the point. Yes, that’s not their song which they wanted to compose or even sing! (And I was talking about Wondergirls “Tell Me” actually. but it doesn’t mean they copied) and G-Dragon.. I heard that the singer of the song we thought it was original, wants to feat on GD’s new song. I don’t think it does matter anymore, but mostly Korean songs are the ones which they bought. I don’t know any other countries’ conditions, well.. Ew, I got ur opinion. No offense, but other countries’ singers bought songs too.

  4. I know other countries buy songs for their artist.I thought Korea was different,original,with it’s charms not try to copy USA and their kinky stuff.We already have USA and it’s sickness for popularity,can’t you seen they have become so disparate they even brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack?What kind of example is this Kesha for teenagers?I my opinion not a good one.So why are SNSD singing a song that comes from her?

    • Well… the word “Mentality” makes me scared :0 haha. First of all, “Run Devil Run” is not the song of Ke$ha. Ke$ha sang it before just for the test. (She has a composer acquaintance) and I know you meant it’s not only about Ke$ha, well.. you know that only few singers write or compose their own songs, right? Korean Singers buy their songs from Korean Writers & Composers before. Now it just has changed to Foreign Writers & Composers. However they, singers, also have their own styles, which make them more look like themselves. The songs are made for the singers and fit in the singers who sing that songs. Famous songs of Beyonce, LadyGaga and Rihanna are also made by someone else or together. (You know LadyGaga is a brilliant composer though hehe)
      P.S. Ke$ha’s Tik Tok I love that song, but Korean singers don’t use the lyrics like that(Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack). The most important thing is “Run Devil Run” is not the song of Ke$ha.

      • I know that only a few singers in Korea compose their own songs.The point is Korean composers and writers have their own style.They express their feelings and their passion for music by composing those lyrics.Take a look at Lee Seungi’s “Let’s break up” or DBSK’s “Picture of you” those kind of song melt your heart or DBSK’s “O.Jung.Ban.Hap” who gives you strength to fight for a better world.
        So how can a country who banned JunJin’s “Wa” or After School’s “Bad guy” like a to buy songs composed by a writer who composed a song which song sounds like this:
        “I dont really care where you live at just turn around boy and let me hit that.
        Dont be a little bitch with your chit chat just show me where your dicks at.”
        Do you understand what I mean?I’m telling you this from my point of you as a foreigner.Because I listen to both Korean and Western music.
        And I’m sorry because I scared you with the word “mentality”.I just don’t understand what’s happening in there.I thought you’ll help me understand.

  5. i’m going to post this mv too..
    me and my friends are crazy about this song, so we were very excited when snsd released it.
    keisha’s version was ok. but of course i like snsd better.
    am i being biased? well, i guess i am. ㅋㅋㅋ.

    • Housna
    • March 25th, 2010

    the one and only song that I like from SNSD is tell me your wish, Genie. Either, I’m not a big fan of the group…:p

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