Wang Mandu on Seoul Streets!

[tweetmeme “Jaehoonkorea”]  I was wandering around Streets of Seoul; Nowon-gu. It’s near my school. After the test, going to the subway station, I found a Mandu store. There were only Wang(means “King” in Korean)-Mandus(왕만두).

It was really big. It deserves to be called “Wang”(King). The Wang-mandu was as big as my hand! Though my hand isn’t that big. hehe 😉 There were two kinds of Wang-Mandu; Gogi-Mandu(made with Meats) and Kimchi-Mandu(made with Kimchi, little bit spicy). I loved two of them.

Wang-Mandus are really big, and there was a foreigner who was going to buy some. I think you will love it too. I found the store in Nowon-gu, but Wang Mandus are prevalent in every Seoul (and Korean) Streets! You should eat them sometimes ^_^

About Korean Mandu

  1. Those things look huge~!
    I like the facial expression of the character on the last photograph 😀

  2. oh, I love them!! ^^

    • David Nam
    • March 13th, 2010

    Wow, Wang Mandu is huge! It looks really delicious! In many Vietnamese stores, you can find something similar. It is called “Banh Bao”. If you like Mandu, you will like Banh Bao too ^^

  3. I will definitely try it when I go to Korea in Sept. =)

    • Oh! You are going to Korea! I hope we can meet (I know it’s hard to… but :D)

      • Yea, I don’t mind meeting up when I am in Korea. I am going with a tour group since it’s my first time and my Korean is not so fluent yet. However, I have a day of free & easy in Seoul and it’d be really great if I get to know a new friend =)

      • It would be perfect! Haha, but I can’t be sure that I have time srry

  4. Gogi-mandu is just like Siopao in the Philippines. I posted something about it on my blog.

    It’s not as pretty since we just made it at home. But it’s delicious.

    • Hey, nice to see you on my blog, not on Twitter haha. and Home-made Siopao!? You should give it to me when I visit ur home 😀 It looks really delicious

    • Housna
    • March 15th, 2010

    oooh really want to try it ! =D it seems great

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