Snow In March?! in Korea, now!

Gees, it’s snowy now in Korea! Oh my. It’s Amazing but too cold! Can you believe that it’s snowy in Spring? I know it’s just 9th of March, but as a person who live in Korea, which has district four seasons, it was little bit shocking. “Oh my god. That Much?!”

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Well, but it’s always beautiful when it snows. Though I love snowy day, I worry about Tomorrow’s traffic problems. Today, on my way to go home, the school bus had to be really slow. Of course because of Snow.

  1. hoaa.. maybe it’s because global warming?? that makes everything become unusual..??

  2. I here is snowing too.And everybody is in shock because we don’t know how much will last.

  3. I saw on my iTouch that it was snowing in Seoul last night, and I was wondering if it was normal for this time of year. Apparently not ^^ Pretty soon where I’m from, northern CA it will be warm. We don’t have 4 distinct seasons. It goes from winter to summer and summer to winter. Usually overnight hahah!

    • Sometimes, from Summer to winter and summer to winter would be better. Anyway the snow of yesterday was really weird.

        • Ian politano
        • March 10th, 2010

        I agree! I like warm weather so I always enjoy when it gets warm!

      • Well, I like cool weather though, Summer is always Amazing!

      • ほんとう?私はあたたかい天気が好きだ。でも、Jaehoonくんは、かっこいい。

      • 私あまり かっこいいではないが.. ありがとうございます. Ianさんがもっとかっこいいです. 私は凉しい季節が好きです. 秋のように

  4. いいえ、いいえ。私かっこよくない。ところで、どんなおんがくが好きだ?노래방に行くのが好きだ?私は韓国語のおんがくとクラシクが大好きだ。うたうのが大好きだから。소녀시대のうたをうたう。韓国語のおんがくをうたう。。。。でも、はなさない!^^

    • 노래방に行くのが好きです ほんとうに。^^ そうしてクラシクと韓国のうたとPopも全部好きです^^

        • Ian Politano
        • March 13th, 2010


    • 私まだ 19歳なのでできません. そして昨日カラオケ羨ましいですね. 私も行きたいです

      • nansai kara nomeru? shourai ni ikeru?


      • 何歳から飲める?アメリカでカラオケにしょうらいに行ける?韓国でカラオケに招待に行ける?^^

        (I forgot to write the other one in Japanese =.=)

      • 日本語で書かなくても良いです.^^ アメリカのカラオケと韓国のカラオケは少し違いますよね?

      • Jaehoonくんの日本語は良いよ。でも、私のまちは韓国のカラオケがある。私の韓国人の友達がこのカラオケが好きだ。たくさん韓国語のうたがある。^^日本語とえい語と中国語のうたもある。でも、Jaehoonくんと行ける?アメリカに来る?^^

      • もちろん行きたいです. しかし今は 3年生だから卒業してから^^

        • Ian politano
        • March 15th, 2010


      • What’s サクラメント? Anyway I really wanna go to California

        • Ian politano
        • March 16th, 2010

        「サクラメント」means Sacramento which is the capital city of California ^^ let me know if you ever come to California

      • Oh, maybe next year?

        • Ian politano
        • March 17th, 2010

        Cool! Let me know^^

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