SNSD & Super Junior starring on “Seoul Music Video”

I found that this song was used at the contest “Streaming Seoul 2009

[tweetmeme source=”Jaehoonkorea”

Girls’ Generation and Super Junior sung the song “SEOUL” with the Music Video. Isn’t it quite impressive? XD I love the song and the video. (I can send a music file of this song by e-mail. Tell me if you want :D)

English Sub Version

  1. I love LOVE LOVE!!! This song! It’s such a good song. SNSD and Suju! I was going to ask you, if you had heard of this song ^^

    • Haha actually I have a file of this song because of the video contest XD Oh, it’s 4:11 am here. I’ve got to go to sleep now. Thanks for visiting!

  2. omo,jaehoon goon..
    i ♥ ♥ ♥ this song! hehehe..
    super junior and snsd are my fav idol groups too..

    • For me too! 😀 I love this song and you can say “goon”?! cool!

      • lol.. i know how it works, my dear…
        now you should call me ‘fizzy noona’..
        or i’ll get mad.. ㅋㅋㅋ

      • haha Okay Fizzy Noona! XD

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