Graduation Tears…

↑ Graduation Tears by Chelsia Chan (Photos are used from the Korean movie:Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do, 2004 말죽거리 잔혹사 / The movie is based in 1970s)

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In Korea (I don’t know about other countries exactly), there are two big events in February and March; Graduations and Entrance Ceremonies. Oh, Don’t misunderstand it! I’m not a senior student, I’m just going to be senior now^_^. My seniors got graduated from Seoul Foreign Language High School(Of course my school). It was really great. Especially highschool graduation, as I think, is really important. Because it means that it’s time to leap to Society. Real Society. I think it’s little bit scary but exciting. Wow, I’m gonna graduate from my school next year. Time ALWAYS Flies… I even remember the entrance ceremony of my elementary school day.

Oh, well My club members prepared some Party for the seniors! Giving them some gifts as a meaning of celebrating, cutting cakes… It was really precious time for me. Because I’ll be there after only 1 Year! Haha 😀

    • Ian Politano
    • February 27th, 2010

    I remember when I graduated from High school! It was 2 years ago. It was also very scary here in United States. Not only would I be seen as an adult, I would be starting college to work on my future goals. Work hard on your last year of high school!!!But hopefully have a lot of fun too!

    • Oh, thanks for the advice lol

      • Oh yeah, and normally our graduation is in June. Most people don’t really have an entrance celebration. But we do celebrate graduating from high school.

        We also celebrate graduation from middle school, and elementary school. But the most important ones are from high school and then college.

      • Graduation in June~ Actually that’s why I posted it. Not every but many countries’ graduations are on different day

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