The Center of Broadcasting Network, KBS

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I went to KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) on Thursday(18th) for the interview with Matt Kelley who is the host of KBS World Radio program “Seoul Scene with Matt Kelley“.

I’ve never been to KBS before, so it was an amazing experience to me. KBS(Korean Broadcasting System), as you can see on the name, is the main Broadcasting company in Korea. It is located in Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu. The broadcastings done by KBS are for public services.

That day(18th), there was a radio interview with Matt.  Hyeonjeong Kim, the blogger who posts about Seoul and Korea just like me, and Yunhui Hwang, the woman who manages “Introducing Korea” program and Me was supposed to interview with Matt. For the Interview, I could see the view of Studio and office of foreign language channels. I really wanted to work there. 😀

 As a public enterprise, KBS people(including everyone) work hard for us, I mean Civilians. I think it’s really cool.

Everyday Everytime, KBS works hard for Everyone 🙂

Matt Kelley‘s blog & Video :

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