Lunar New Year’s Day & Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year!

What? No, it’s “Happy Valentine Day!”

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Well.. Actually, it’s New year’s day in Korea. How could be? Because we used to use lunar calendar, but now, all the people in the world use solar calendar. It means that we had our own New Year’s Day.  Accidentally, this lunar New Year’s Day is also the Valentine’s Day! What a Coincidence! Anyway, so I think many people might not be able to give chocolate to someone. Also I don’t think there are many people who care about this Valentine’s Day, because on New Year’s Day, every family gathers!

 Of course it’s one of the ethnically important events, people give presents each other, and wish their health being good.

←These photos represent deparment’s situation, consumers buy New Year’s Day presents. As every year, the most popular gifts are healthy food like ginseng juice, black garlics and so on.

Not only healthy food, as a gift, but also daily necessities like soaps, shampoos and tooth pastes are popular, too.

Especially in Korea, there’s a district gift, which is a gift set composed of Ham, Cooking Oil, Canned Tuna or something else. That might be quite strange to foreigners. Hehe, but it’s really popular!

NEW YEAR’S DAY is really important to Teenagers! Because We can Get Money!

Of course you don’t understand what I mean. On New Year’s Day, young people bow to elder people for wishing their health, love and luck. Then we’ll be heard some good sayings from eler people as reponds of bow. Finally We get the money as a respond. It’s called “Saebaetdon(세뱃돈)”, New Year’s cash gifts given to younger ones after receiving bows from them. Don’t you think we should bow to someone on New Year’s Day?! Haha just kidding.

Have a Nice Lunar New Year’s Day & Valentine’s Day♥

  1. oh.. it’s been awhile since my last visit in your blog..

    happy lunar new year to you! 🙂 새해 복 많이 바드세요! and oh happy valentines day too..

    so did you receive a lot of money today? heheh!

    • Thank you So Much! But I didn’t go to relatives and neither did they come to my house T^T An aunt gave me some 세뱃돈 by bank system ^*^

  2. Oh,you usually write a comment on my article.
    Thank you so much and this is first time that I write a comment to your blog, but I visit here and get some nice information frequently.

    In addition This article is very fantastic too. Then, See ya 🙂

    • Yeap! I love ur blog. especially the name of it : You cannot spell Seoul without Soul. I love it XD I’ll visit ur blog frequently soon hehe

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