Supplementary Class in Vacation!? Is that All?!

A: “Supplementary Class in Vacation!? Is that All?!”

B: No, of course not! but Almost ^^;

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In Korea, highschoolers have to go to schools in vacation for a couple of weeks or more. For what? Of course for Study. There are many many so many supplementary classes in Korean highschools. It consists of supplementary classes and self-study time. However as I mentioned, it’ not all. We have free(?) weeks too.

BUT as a senior, I think it’s really encouraging! I know Study is not that funny, but you can control study time and play time by taking supplementary classes. Also, It’s the chance you can study what you really wanted to learn. I learned German more in Supplementary classes. There’s a limited classmates system, so I can focus on learning. In addition, many special classes appear thesedays. In my school, students don’t have a lot of time to exercise, so there were badminton classes! How COOL! You can enjoy, learn and study what you can.

Vacation is not only for Rest, but also Study. I think it’s the perfect time to develop yourself.


Pls do not think that’s hard, cuz we’ve got really a lot of time to play, too. hehe=) and there aren’t much time for study, it usually ends before 3 p.m. or less or more XD

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