Girls’ Generation Come Back With Oh! (Second Album)

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Of course you’ve heard “Girls’ Generation(SNSD)”, haven’t you?! Girls’ Generation(SNSD) is the Korean Girl Singer Group which is the Top! Who would oppose to this Fact. Well, it might be subjective. Hehe, anyway Girls’ Generation(SNSD) has come back with its new album(the second), “Oh!”. I’ve heard every songs in the album, and I like Oh! and 좋은 일만 생각하기(Day by Day) the most. Of course I love every song in there 🙂 I think there are soooooo many foreigners who like Korean idol singer groups. So, I thought I should post about SNSD for you guys!^^

It’s the Music Video of Oh!


1. “younger sister” doesn’t mean they are family

2. Korean use “Oppa” when a young girl calls an older boy (they have friendly relationships)

  1. love it! ^^ but I like them better when they are not too cute… it’s a bit annoying I think kkk

    • hahaha, well it could be. kk but to me, there aren’t many girl groups who are cute, so I like that part

    • On the second thought after seeing Music video once more, it’s little bit annoying :9

    • Ian Politano
    • February 27th, 2010

    I love oh! too! And SNSD. They are my favorite Korean group. My nuna, told me that every time I talk about them, my smile goes to the top of my ears. That was the best she could do to explain to me a Korean saying. But apparently I get very happy when I talk about them ^^ kkk

    • I love SNSD too. hehe^^ Oh, do you know “paula”? I’m just curious

      • Hmm. No I do not. But mmm. My nuna, is a foreign exchange student at my university. She’s actually from Seoul! So she and I talk about Korea a lot. I want to go visit this summer! Around 8月16日. Hopefully! If you would like, we can be pen pals and write emails to one another?

        I’m always happy to meet more SNSD fans!

      • Oh, I see. that’s really cool XD and actually I have a exam to take, Sooneung. have you heard of it? So I can’t be sure that I can be pen pal with you T^T Sorry

      • Hehehehe! Oh I have never heard of that =( Oh, by pen pal, I meant, if you wanted to write emails to get to talk =P That way, you can just email me whenever you’re not busy and have time. But if you are too busy, I will understand.

      • Oh, this is my email address : I have time (somtimes XD) About Sooneung :

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