Want some Kimchi Buchimgae?

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Do you know much about Korean Food? I heard that there’s a Korean food restaurant in NY. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Buchimgae is a traditional Korean food made of Flour, Spring Onion, Squid and so forth. As you guess, Kimchi Buchimgae is the buchimgae which has Kimchi on it. It’s really delicious, you should eat someday. The reason I post about Kimchi Buchimgae is that My Mother made it for me. I was really hungry, but it was 1:30 A.M. so I couldn’t find anything. And then, I found Kimchi Buchimgae which my mother made! I thought I should introduce a really delicious Korean food called “Kimchi Buchimgae” for you!

This is the video introducing How to make Kimchi Buchimgae ( Not by Me hehe:) )

  1. I want it! 😀 Lets meet up when I’m in seoul in 2 weeks and eat some amazing different styles of kimchi – I love it! ^^

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