Which Comes First, Jaehoon or Jeong?

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My Name is Jaehoon Jeong in English.
However, in Korean, it’s 정재훈(Jeong-Jae-hoon). Firstly, Korean doesn’t make a space between Last name and First name. As you see, Korean uses Last name first. Because of THIS difference, there are some confusing cases. 

Some say “It’s Korean, so we should write in Korean order even though it’s written in English”

and Others say “If we write name in English, we should order it in English way”

Well, as you know, when I write my name in English, I follow the English Way;First-Last name.
Not only in Korea, but in Japan also write in the order;Last-First name

For example,

It can be confusing to Korean or Japanese people when they heard it. That’s why I post the difference between English and Korean, Japanese.

In Korea, you should call the name in the “Last-First name” order! 🙂

  1. yeah, that’s right! for the first time i got confused because of the “first-last name” things hehee.. and sometimes i said it wrong ( how to it right) soo i prefer to read korean name in hangeul than alphabeth (romanization)..

    • veronika
    • February 28th, 2010

    Hey there~
    Hungary also has the same name order as in Korea too ^^
    i always prefer the names in their original orders.. and i think that would be the most respectful if the other nations would acknowledge that not everyone writes their names the same way as they do… hmm… but i guess that would be also confusing…

    • Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I totally agree with you. It’s confusing but necessary. I didn’t know that Hungary has the same name order^^ I always thought that western countries have same name orders haha. Nice to meet you anyway. If you have a twitter, follow me @Jaehoonkorea

        • veronika
        • February 28th, 2010

        Well, some say that Korean and Hungarian came from the same language family, hehehe. But i wonder what’s the real reason~
        Also, Hungarian language is somewhat unique among the European languages. No close relatives and such.
        Nice to meet you too ^^ i’ll add you on twitter

    • Oh Same Language family! I see~ anyway Hungarian is really speical I think. I should learn that language ^^

        • veronika
        • February 28th, 2010

        Thank you for saying that :3 It’s a quite difficult language to learn though…
        Hm but Korean is also ^^;

      • Well at least I can try hehe

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