[Monthly Special] What do you play in Winter?

[tweetmeme source=”Jaehoonkorea” http://wp.me/pF4H6-4W]  

 In Korea, there are so many sports and plays that you can enjoy! Korean Sleigh is really traditional play in Korea. It is still done in some places for reminding themselves of their childhood. Of course the new-type of sleigh is popular, too! 27th of December, it was snowy day, so many children near my place do some Snow-ball fights, make many Snowmen! And some cute children were sliding in the park with wrappers! How Cute! XD

 Also Skating is really popular in Korea thanks to Yuna Kim! Yuna Kim is really famous in whole World! She is a gorgeous, excellent and brilliant figure skating player. Thanks to her achievement, she also do many works in advertisement! Isn’t she really cool? She is a syndrome.

 Back to Korean Sports, Korean also did Paengichigi(Spin the Top). I don’t think there are many people who do Paengichigi now, but it’s really interesting game! Hit the Paengi(Top) and Keep it Spinning! I loved that game. Well, I don’t do many plays in winter, because people usually go skiing or skating in winter. I hope many people do the traditional Korean sports! Because It is Really Funny! You will love it!

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