Do you know “Jesa”? Korean Ritual for Ancestors!

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Koreans do “Jesa” when New years and Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving day) come or the day of ancestors’  deaths come. This ritual is very traditional event in Korea, and it’s really important. 29th of December, yesterday, was the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. So we did a small-size of Jesa. Actually New Year’s day is coming and it’s too late to have a formal event on weekdays, we couldn’t help to having a small-size of Jesa T^T.

Even though it was the small-size of Jesa, every Jesa has the Rule to arrange foods. Firstly, 紅東白西(Hong-Dong-Baek-Seo) means Red one is on the east-side, White one is on the west-side.

And these foods are set in the first line. From left side, Jujubes, Chestnuts, dried-Persimmons, Apples and Pears. It’s the essential set of First line. Then in other lines, there are some meats or fish, Rice cakes and “Buchimgae”s(a fried food)!

Of course there’s a set order to do the Jesa. As the order, we do the ritual and burn the paper which is above this sentence. And turn off the fire on the small candle (you can see it above this sentence, too!)

If you have any questions, Feel free to comment please! 🙂

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