Pictures of 2PM in school days unveiled

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2PM is a korean singer group which belongs to JYP Entertainmet, which also produce Wondergirls! 2PM has being more popular and popular thesedays even though Jae-beom, ex-leader of this group, has been exiled to Seattle, US due to “Condemning Korea” scandal. Jae-beom will be come back according to JYP (Jin-young Park, the producer), so fans of 2PM expect to see him soon.

Anyway, the picture beneath it is 2PM’s photographs when they were in Highschool. Enjoy it!


Pictures of Korea’s top boy band 2PM taken in school days have been unveiled on online websites, drawing explosive attention from their fans and netizens.

Being called a “beast idol group” due to their manly look and passionate performance on the stage, the seven pure boys’ pictures are coming as a fresh surprise to the public.

An internet user said, “They are so cute and not very different than now.”

Consisted of seven members – Jae-beom, Jun-su, Nichkhun, Taec-yeon, Woo-young, Jun-ho, and Chan-sung, 2PM made its debut with the sensational song “10 Out Of 10” in September, 2008.

After the leader member Jae-beom unexpectedly withdrew from the band and left for Seattle, the United States, three months ago, the remaining six band mates have recently released the first original album “1:59PM” on Nov. 13. The boy band has topped at the TV music programs since their comeback.

By Ryu Seung-yoon (


New song of 2PM which is really popular in Korea!

  1. again you post one of my favorite group… thanks jaehoon~~~~~

    hmm Junho looks like Bi right??,, hhe

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