U-KISS From Boys to Men! Conti Ukiss Man Man Ha Ni

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U-Kiss has been one of the most popular boy idol group not only in Korea, but also foreign countries!

U-Kiss consists of 7 boy members; Alexander(알렉산더), Dongho(동호), Eli(일라이), Kibum(기범), Kevin(케빈), Soohyun(수현) and Kisup(기섭). Their debut was 28th August, 2008 with the first single album <New Generation>. However they could be more popular and more famous thanks to recent single album <Conti U-Kiss> with the song “Am I that Easy(만만하니)”. 

Also they are on the show now called “U-Kiss Vampire” broadcast by MBC Every1. “U-Kiss Vampire” has the distinguishing theme, entertaining show with the Blood-type differences.

    • gillian
    • December 2nd, 2009

    U-Kiss~! My favourite people ever! (:

    What made you post this suddenly though? Haha.

  1. U-kiss.. i like their song man man ha ni.. i think this is the best album from them… hhee.. nomu joayo~~
    komawo jaehoon ^0^

    • gillian
    • March 3rd, 2010

    내가 그렇게-렇게 만만하니~ HEY! XD

    Have you heard 빙글빙글? 🙂

    • Of course I did 😀 Actually I’m watching the video of 빙글빙글 now

        • gillian
        • March 3rd, 2010

        yay~ 뱀파이어도 꼭 봐요! ^^~ i love u-kiss too much XD

    • Actually I saw some of them! hehe

      • u-kiss has started to gain my interest..
        heheheh.. i like Eli..

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