No.1 Channel for Foreigners in Korea : Arirang TV

logo_01Arirang TV is a korean TV channel which broadcasts in English most of time. Actually, “Arirang” is a traditional korean song, which has many versions depend on provinces. Arirang TV was founded in 1997 by a NGO called Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, which inform about Korea to other countries. Since 1999, arirang TV has started satellite broadcasting abroad for the first time of entire korean broadcasting. Thesedays, arirang TV broadcasts on cable TV, Radio, DMB. Arirang TV is trying to understand about real Korea to foreing countries and to communicate with various foreign TV channels.

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This is an interview with Tiffany and Jessica, two members of SNSD (Girls’ Generation) / Tiffany and Jessica are well-known for good at speaking English 😀

And This is an interview with Dennis Oh(Dennis Joseph O’Neil), he is half-blood of Korean mother and American father.

If you want to go ArirangTV, then Click it!

    • I Love TaeYeon
    • November 16th, 2009

    SNSD ❤
    Tiffany & Jessica ❤
    Dennis Oh ❤

  1. i like watching arirang so much.. their shows are really good. i’m especially amazed on how they promote different cities and attractions in korea through their shows and segments.. i really enjoy watching them. feels like i have also been there. ㅋㅋㅋ

    • wow… I didn’t know that you feel Arirang TV in that way… well, it could be useful for foreigners like you!

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