Pepero Day, Hyunwoo Sun, and Birthday

November 11th is my birthday. It was yesterday.^^

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When I have my birthday party, I got a lot of Pepero as a gift. Pepero(빼빼로) is a stick-shaped korean snack with chocolate. It looks like “1”, so the day which consists of “1” (11/11) is called “Pepero Day”. It was started for selling many Peperoes by Company which makes Pepero, but now it’s like a culture in Korea. Korea has many special days like Valentine Day (2/14), White Day (3/14), Pepero Day (11/11) and etc. On Pepro Day, people give Pepero each other as a present. If a boy wants to propose to a girl, then the boy would give Pepero to the girl as a meaning of interest.

On this Pepero day, there was a lecture about How to make a influential blog by Hyunwoo Sun. Actually I introduced who Hyunwoo Sun is to you on Hangeul Day. He is a blogger who posts about Korea and informs Korea to foreign countries. He is like a Hero to me. He inspires me a lot, so I was very happy when I heard that I could attend to his lecture. I felt like getting the best birthday gift ever. I want to show “what Korea is” to you like Hyunwoo does.

Other blogs which inform what Pepero day is.

Ppeppero Day and Other Quirky Korean Holidays by Matt Kelley

오늘은 빼빼로 데이예요! Today is Pepero Day!

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the link to my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Best, Matt

    • It’s an Honor, Matt. Thanks a lot XD ! of course, I will visit your blog often

  2. Hey ~!! you went there, I wanted to go there for getting information about making blogs, but I got up late so i couldn`t go TT.
    It`s hard for me to operate my blog.

  3. happy birthday~!! I`m sorry for you that there will be a Korean SAT on your next birthday. :<

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