[Monthly Special] Gyeonghuigung, the Korean Palace (2)

I thought there would be the Korean music concert again as usual in Gyeonghuigung, but there was no plan to perform their music show in Gyeonghuigung. It was strange, but I went to Gyeonghuigung to take some photos. Then, I found a really fantastic event! There was Kimchi Love Festival 2009 in Gyeonghuigung! Kimchi is a product that is fermented through lactic acid production at low temperatures to ensure proper ripening and preservation. It is processed with a seasoning mixture mainly consisting of red pepper powder, garlic, ginger, green onion and radish.

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The history of Kimchi trace back to ancient Korea. It is the representative food of Korea. Also, it is really good for health. Fundamental ingredients are the vegetables which can make our bodies stronger and healthier. Kimchi could protect us from SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), and A(H1N1), which is known as the New Type of Influenza.


There were so many people in Kimchi Love Festival. There were several Kimchi and Makgeolri (Korean raw rice wine) samplings that we could eat and drink. Many booths introduced ingredients that are included in Kimchi. In Sungjungjun of Gyeonghuigung, there were 192 kinds of Kimchi that we could see. So many different kinds of kimchi were there, that not only foreigners but also Koreans were surprised because of beautifulness of Kimchi. Not only kimchi, there were a lot of things that we could enjoy like making royal or daily kimchi, and we could learn how to make great kimchi by Master of Kimchi.

Like this event, Kimchi Love Festival 2009 and Korean Music concerts performed by Dasrum, Gyeonghuigung is exactly Korean palace, which is not that well-known. Next to Gyeonghuigung , there is the Seoul Museum of History. Isn’t it the perfect place to enjoy Korea? You can enjoy real Korean things in Gyeonghuigung, I think.

jhj9210@naver.com Jaehoon Jeong

  1. wow yummy kimchi!!
    I love your blog cos it has a lot of infos…
    donno how many times I felt urge to just copy yours exactly :))~~
    because I’m a breeze reporter too..I’m just curious…How many people visit your blog?on average??

    MY name is hyunji lee kkk

  2. Hi, i’m Jung min (VANK)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and posting comments~~
    I really like the pictures in your blog, and all the information~
    So interesting!!! ^^
    The videos are really good too! They are very entertaining ^^

  3. Amazing, very great matter. I will blog about it also!

    • Of course yo can! hehe, thanks for visiting my blog. Anyway, are you german? I love Germany, German people and every german things! haha

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