That’s What Seoul Is!

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I went to Seoul City Hall today! XD

It was first time to be there, also to attend Meeting of Seoul Breeze Reporters (SBR).

Can you see the fountain and flowers? OH MY Aren’t they pretty.

I thought “Yes, That’s What Seoul Is!” when I saw the city hall. The Seoul Main City Hall is renewing now, so it was covered beautifully with Hangeul. I can’t wait to see it! Actually before opening, we can see inside through the entrance, but Monday, which is today, is not allowed to see inside. Don’t forget it if you want to visit Seoul City Hall.

Next to the City Hall, there is Deoksugung, which is one of five royal palace remained in Seoul.

(If you want to know more about Deoksugung, then click it!)

The rolls are to show what Seoul Design Olympiad2009 is.

(If you want to know more about Seoul Design Olympiad, then click it!)

hehe, the Seoul Story of Jaehoon is about to start now!

  1. Is Seoul capital city?

  2. yeah, I am a reporter of Seoul Breeze Reporters.
    have you done writting about the mission?
    Well.. I’m still working on it…
    But it’s bit tricky…

  3. yo

    I’m a breeze writer too!!

    If you want to know about my place

    just link and go!!!!

    good to see you have a good time !

    • oh hey! nice to see you XD I’m so glad that breeze reporters came to my blog!

      • Don’t forget to come to my blog and leave a comment!!

        I’ll come to your blog often!

  4. hi nice to meet u
    I’m a breeze reporter too…..:)
    visit my blog!!

  5. oh, Hi! I’m a Breeze reporter too~ 🙂
    I think your blog is very comvenient to see.
    I love it! I’ll visit here often, Bye~

    • Jeanne Kim
    • January 1st, 2010

    I’m also a Breeze Reporter!!
    Please visit my blog often.

    I will frequently visit your blog as well!

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